Since December, communities and households across Kentucky have been faced with hardship, in the wake and aftermath of devastating tornadoes. Dennis Stolpner highlights one nonprofit organization’s efforts in providing local families with hunger relief:

From care packages to temporary shelter and housing placements, disaster relief comes in many forms.  Feeding America: Kentucky’s Heartland is one such effort that provides that uplifting and empowering relief in these difficult times.  The nonprofit has provided more than $2.7 million in disaster relief so far this year.  But the fight is far from over.  As a dedicated hurricane volunteer with the American Red Cross, Dennis Stolpner knows this all too well.  And that’s precisely why he’s calling on readers of his blog to consider supporting the Feeding America project in Kentucky (if you are in the position to do so).  Now more than ever, a sense of community needs to be felt across our nation, not just within our own backyards.