There’s no better time to donate blood than today! Dennis Stolpner, dedicated American Red Cross Disaster Relief Volunteer and longtime support of the ARC, shines the spotlight on the special day:

Did you know that the American Red Cross has its own holiday?  Well, they do and it’s actually a holiday that honors YOU!  (If you donate blood, of course).  That special day is World Blood Donor Day, an unofficial holiday that honors the heroes who take the time to roll up their sleeves and donate life-saving blood and platelets.  Although it is a simple donation process that can be performed quickly and easily, it truly does mean a lot to donate blood.  By doing so, you contribute to a life-saving bank which relies on a safe and stable supply from donors like you.  If you are healthy enough to do so, Dennis Stolpner encourages you to celebrate this special holiday by visiting a drive in your local community.  Change a life — save a life!