Krispy Kreme is teaming up with the American Red Cross to help the current national blood shortage. Now through January 31, 2022, all blood donors will receive free donuts as a show of gratitude for their contributions. Dennis Stolpner discusses:

Over the past year, Dennis Stolpner has discussed the national blood shortage at length.  But all this time later, there is still a critical need for blood donations.  This has led to the American Red Cross stretching those thinking caps to find creative ways to attract more donors to their blood drives.  The latest effort is a collaboration with Krispy Kreme, the beloved donut shop whose delicious donuts are a favorite of many.  For a limited time, blood donors will be able to receive free donuts in exchange for their time and their life saving donations.  But act fast: this promotion will only be continuing through Monday!  So be sure to visit a blood drive near you today!