In anticipation of the impending storm Hurricane Ian, the American Red Cross is enlisting the help of supporters and volunteers across the country. Longtime disaster relief volunteer Dennis Stolpner highlights the urgent need for support at this time:

Hurricane Ian, a storm brewing in the southern portion of the United States, is expected to touch landfall this week.  In a proactive effort to prepare for the impending devastation, the American Red Cross is already working on its support efforts.  But the nonprofit needs help from the masses.  While disaster relief volunteers are a vital part of the anticipated response, ARC supporter Dennis Stolpner explains that there are many other ways you can help.  First and foremost, you can contribute a donation to the American Red Cross South Florida region, to directly assist in supporting those affected by the storm.  Even if you are not located in the area, you can contact your local ARC chapter to find out more about how you can help as people work to rebuild following the natural disaster’s course.