The American Red Cross has not seen a blood supply shortage this severe since 2015. It comes as no surprise to medical professionals, like Dennis Stolpner, what’s to blame: the COVID pandemic.

Now more than ever, the American Red Cross is asking for blood donations — nationwide. The current emergency blood supply is at a record low — the lowest it has been in well over 6 years.  This shortage is largely due to a lack of blood drive events, which were halted and in some cases even canceled due to safety regulations put into place during the height of the pandemic.

As the Delta variant continues to impact communities across the country, the American Red Cross struggles to draw in necessary blood donations.  With more Americans sick in the hospital than usual, this low level of blood supply is a critical and potentially fatal problem.

Dennis Stolpner encourages his readers to consider participating in your local blood drive, no matter where you are located or what blood type you maintain.  You could truly save a life!