According to a recently released study, taking omega-3 pills may help prevent stress and reduce aging. Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine Specialist, Dennis Stolpner discusses:

The Ohio State University conducted a study on one of the most common and readily available supplements: omega-3 pills.  In general, consuming more omega-3 in your diet can help a variety of health areas.  Reducing inflammation, in particular, is one known reason for being drawn to the supplements.

Taking this known concept a step further, OSU researchers decided to dive deeper into the effects of taking 2.5 grams of omega-3 per day.  What they found was that, when taken daily, these supplements have the potential to reduce high cortisol levels that result from stress.  This could have positive effects not only in terms of stress reduction, but also in the way of anti aging.

Dennis Stolpner recommends that you consider introducing more omega-3’s into your diet, rather than relying on supplements.  The results could help reduce stress and slow the progression of physical signs of aging… so this approach could be worth a shot!