Skincare and the menstrual cycle: could syncing the two give you clearer skin? According to Dr. Hadley King — absolutely! Dennis Stolpner takes a look at the next big anti-aging trend of 2021:

What is skin care cycling?  Besides the latest trend in beauty and anti-aging, skincare cycling is a relatively new approach to how dermatologists are looking at the menstrual cycle and skincare — together.  Dr. King explains that a woman’s hormone levels on each day of her 28 cycle, naturally, bring about shifts in skin texture, oil balance and so much more.

After all, it makes complete sense to an industry expert, like Dennis Stolpner.  A woman with otherwise clear and healthy skin might experience dry, oily, acne-prone or even skin that exudes a more radiant appearance, all in relation and response to her hormonal experiences.  Given how hormone-impacting the menstrual cycle is, it comes as no surprise that attempting to align your skincare routine with your cycle could offer major results.  

Stolpner recommends that newbies to this skincare cycling technique pay attention to the hormones experienced in their menstrual cycle: estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.  Estrogen, for one, keeps the skin dewy, plump and radiant, promoting collagen production — which is, of course, crucial in anti-aging approaches.  Once you’re able to get ‘in sync’ with your cycles, you can unlock a whole new level of that radiance!