The American Red Cross is in desperate need of disaster relief volunteers. To meet the current need, a new recruitment plan is in the works. Disaster Relief Volunteer, Dennis Stolpner discusses the new strategy:

Rural areas within Chautauqua County are in immediate need for disaster relief volunteers with the ARC.  But unfortunately, drawing in candidates to participate has become increasingly difficult, largely due to public panic over the COVID-19 pandemic, which continues on with the Omicron variant.  Now, recruitment specialists are having to embrace creativity in the formation of new strategies to attract applicants.

Most recently, the local Red Cross chapter has launched a new campaign, with the help of local small businesses.  During the Super Bowl weekend, a local pizzeria hosted a Pizza and Coffee event which provided customers with detailed information regarding the current need for disaster relief volunteer participants.  Locally, the chapter has also begun to pass out stickers with information and QR codes that direct to ARC info on local disasters in need of response, from housefires to other natural disaster matters.

As always, Dennis Stolpner strongly encourages you to consider volunteering for your local chapter of the American Red Cross.  Whether that means assisting in disaster relief efforts or an upcoming blood drive — any and everything truly makes a world of difference!