The American Red Cross is putting an immediate need request out for rare blood subtypes. In light of National Minority Health Month, ARC is specifically looking for donors of different ethnic groups and backgrounds. Volunteer Dennis Stolpner discusses:

Blood transfusions are a critical form of treatment for so many patients.  This is especially true for individuals battling sickle cell disease, an illness that predominantly impacts people of African and Latin descent.  Additionally, black women are more likely to experience postpartum hemorrhages on a severe scale, which also requires a blood transfusion for treatment.  With this information in mind, the American Red Cross is urging community members across the United States to consider donating blood.  Specifically, people of color are encouraged to offer donations, as the rare blood subtypes needed are most commonly carried by individuals in the African and Latin ethnic groups.  If you are in a position to do so, Dennis Stolpner recommends donating blood whenever you can, regardless of your blood type.  You can save a life.